الخميس، مايو 17، 2012

جزار برتبة رئيس جمهوريهButcher of the rank of President of the Republic

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Butcher of the rank of President of the Republic

It is the end of that ((the.???? .....))
See what is called the real name or who should we call on His Excellency the Syrian traitor who left behind him the most cubs became a crime and a betrayal and bullying against the brotherly people of Syria
Which led to the killing of thousands of innocent children and young and old and for women in the chair and the position of evanescent inevitably
If we had a debate between the Acre, past and between Hafez al-Assad and his son Bashar to Ogdnahm more offense and breach went Hafez and remained in the memory of peoples and Altark betrayal ruler in the darkest page black and here he is Bashar that Cub, which will toppled by the people of Syria that sooner or later has surpassed he and his father Hafez Assad traitors all ages in their betrayal of their people and their religion and their Lord, whatever their religion and a traitor more offense from the unjust ruler despot has sold himself and his religion and his honor to the enemies of their nationality, language and religion
Is the criminal Cub feel comfortable little war of extermination conscience of doing for his country and his people to satisfy his masters at the expense of his nation, dignity, and I was surprised Nkute and ask myself why did not direct His Excellency Cub Syrian sneak a shot for the Liberation of the Golan
And the effect that directs all the weapons of its armed forces to release the innocent people of Syria, and I was expecting, but inherits the betrayal of his father Hafez al-Assad
And realized it was illegal to His Excellency the Syrian to recover his father a gift to Israel and I imagine sometimes the expense of the Creator to His Excellency the small and his father what they had done from the corruption and injustice and breach of the right of the Arab nation, its Muslims and Christians alike not to mention the expense of the Syrian people for the cub small in the near future, God willing, to put an end to painful for the life of this Cub traitor to his identity and nationality and religion and its people
Will deliver His Excellency the fate of Gaddafi and perhaps fare worse than the way kill Gaddafi has had enough and never will kneel peoples and the fate of the Cub is coming inevitably have been accused of some of Saddam Hussein's oppression and tyranny, what is the opinion they have now, Saddam Hussein lived and died a hero did not Trabh alerts friends the Americans before the invasion of Arac Had The man complied with the Oaidhm was a disgrace to Arabs .. Assad did not accuse the great head of state treason or two, but also many others in addition to that history has placed great lion and Hiblh at the bottom of the dustbin of history and to the dear readers see these video

هذا الشبل من ذاك (( ال.????.....))
ترى ماهو المسمى او الاسم الحقيقى الذى يجب ان نطلقه على صاحب الفخامة السورى الخائن الذى خلف وراءه شبلا اضحى اشد منه جرما وخيانه وبلطجة ضد شعب سوريا الشقيق
والذى ادى لقتل الاف الابرياء اطفالا وشبابا وشيخا ونساء فى سبيل كرسى ومنصب زائل لامحاله
لو اجرينا مناظرة بين والى عكا قديما وبين حافظ الاسد وابنه بشار لوجدناهم اكثر جرما وخيانه لقد ذهب حافظ وبقى فى ذاكرة الشعوب والتارخ خيانته مسطرة فى احلك الصفحات سوادا وها هو بشار ذاك الشبل الذى سوف يطيح به شعب سوريا ان اجلا ام عاجلا لقد فاق هو ووالده حافظ الاسد كل خونة العصور فى خيانتهم لشعوبهم ودينهم وربهم ايا كانت دياناتهم والخائن اكثر جرما من الحاكم الظالم المستبد فقد باع نفسه ودينه وشرفه الى اعداء قوميته ولغته وديانته
ترى هل يشعر الشبل المجرم الصغير براحة ضمير بقيامه بحرب اباده لبلاده وشعبه ليرضى اسياده على حساب امته وكرامته ونخوته لقد كنت مندهشا واسال نفسى لماذا لم يوجه صاحب الفخامه الشبل الخائن السورى رصاصة واحده لتحرير جولان
واثر ان يوجه كل اسلحة قواته المسلحه الى صدور الابرياء من شعب سوريا وكنت اتوقع الا يرث خيانة والده حافظ الاسد
وايقنت انه لايجوز لصاحب الفخامة السورى ان يسترد ما قدمه والده هديه لاسرائيل  واتخيل احيانا حساب الخالق سبحانه لصاحب الفخامه الصغير ووالده عما ارتكبوه من فساد وظلم وخيانه بحق الامة العربيه مسلميها ومسيحييها ناهيك عن حساب الشعب السورى للشبل الصغير فى القريب العاجل باذن الله ليضع نهاية مؤلمه لحياة هذا الشبل الخائن لهويته ودينه وقوميته وشعبه
سوف يلقى فخامته مصير القذافى وربما على اسواء من طريقة قتل القذافى فقد طفح الكيل وابدا لن تركع الشعوب ومصير الشبل قادم لامحاله لقد اتهم البعض صدام حسين بالظلم والاستبداد فما هو الراى عندهم الان صدام حسين عاش ومات بطلا ولم ترعبه انذارات الاصدقاء الامريكان قبيل غزو عراق فلو كان الرجل امتثل لوعيدهم لكان وصمة عار فى جبين العرب  .. لم يتهم الاسد الكبير بالخيانه رئيس دوله او اثنين فحسب بل وجهات اخرى كثيره اضافة الى ان التاريخ قد وضع الاسد الكبير وشبله فى اسفل مزبلة التاريخ والى القراء الاعزاء مراجعة هذه الفيديوهات